Renault aimed to break down the barriers of electric driving, with a focus on Renault’s brand values.

Renault has a passion for life and designs cars around people’s lives. In doing so, the brand focuses on driving pleasure, the emotional side, rather than the rational, technical side.

Laad Me is an ode to freedom. A positive approach specific to Renault, aimed at removing barriers to electric driving. Emotion plays a big part in this. Music strengthens this emotion and increases the feeling of freedom. The campaign is therefore supported by the specially written Laad Me song, sung by Mariëlle Flens. The song and accompanying road trip video reach people through their heads and hearts.

With a smart low-budget strategy, we first plugged the song into the major radio stations and music streaming platforms. The song and the video form the basis of the 360º campaign for the Renault ZOE and the TWINGO Electric. Translated to television, social media, radio, online to the showroom and in local dealer communication.