Personalizing digital media at scale

Everything we do at Publicis Groupe is underpinned by data. We have inhouse tools, capabilities and technology to provide clear guidance in the ever changing customer behaviors. Supported by a centralised data and analytics workforce of 3,500 engineers, analysts, and strategists from across Publicis Groupe.

We meet up to our clients expectations and help them navigate through their challenges by providing them insights, strategy & technology. Today and in a cookieless future.


Brands should be able to speak to their customers and prospects as individuals, not as cookies, devices or segments.


Brands should have proactive and ongoing dialogues with individual people.


Marketing teams should be able to measure investment spent and receive an incremental return on that investment.


Determine your goals: 
Our team of experts works with you to understand your objectives, from creative strategy to measurement.

Get a single view of each customer: 
We onboard your data, remove identifiable info and match your customers to IDs, for one view across their devices & cookies.

Personalize in real timeIine milliseconds, our AI decides who to reach online, and delivers a unique digital message that drives action.

Optimize & measure to reach your goals Your campaigns continuously optimize in real time, based on your KPIs & budget. And you’ll validate it all in daily feeds.

Integrated technology that maximizes your reach

With our integrated tech stack, you can accurately connect with 2–3x more customers than fragmented solutions that experience significant data loss such as DMP->DSP/Facebook. And you’ll stay connected for longer, by using our integrated ad tech stack that minimizes identity loss.

Real-time decisioning and optimization

You’ll know exactly who, what and when to message (and when to hold back), every time, with advanced AI and machine-learning models that make marketing decisions in milliseconds, based on 200 billion daily observations.

Truly personalized creative (DCO)

Deliver more relevant customer experiences that drive stronger performance, with a proprietary dynamic creative optimization platform to personalize each message at the person level.

Performance-based solutions that drive outcomes

We continuously measure and optimize your results, based on your specific business goals and KPIs (such as return on ad spend and cost per acquisition)—not misleading metrics like clicks. And every impression meets our high standards for ad quality, viewability and fraud prevention.

Fully transparent measurement

In daily feeds, you’ll see every impression and conversion—both online and offline—so you can independently audit and validate your results. We feedback our data back to you.

Our process starts with insights about customers and potential consumers we identify as growth audiences.”

Brian von Mansfeldt, Head of Epsilon and Spine

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