We create buzz around brand stories

Beautiful stories need to be shared. By maintaining warm relationships with journalists, influencers and KOL’s, we know what makes them tick. Translating your brand story to a newsworthy item is what we are good at, and that way your story will be heard by many.

We adore a great story!

As a group of enthusiastic public relations professionals, we are excited to get your story out there in the media! Because of strong connections with the press, we know what makes them tick and know how to make your story stick.

We know that times have changed, and in this fast-paced world it keeps on changing day by day. Therefore, we go beyond and further than the traditional ways of PR. By keeping up with the trending topics in the world, knowing which influencers are hot and happening and incorporating these insights into our strategy, we bring your story to the target group you want to reach out to. 

From lifestyle to automotive, from fashion to food and way beyond, our diverse team of specialists know the markets and how to approach them in an effective way to create exposure for your brand or company.


Sometimes you don’t even know how interesting you are! By analyzing your company, we know which stories are interesting to share. Do these stories fit with your brand? Is that how you want your brand to be seen? From that starting point we can make a strategic plan to expose your brand or company in the right way!

Influencer strategy

In a world where there is easy access to all kinds of media, it is hard to distinguish quality. By monitoring the modern (social) media, we know who is hot and happening, who their followers are and if a certain influencer can become an ambassador for your brand.

Press releases

To get your news out there, we know how to write successful press releases to give both the online and offline press an angle for their media outings. We have a broad network and focus on maintaining our relationships with the media to get the best insights on what articles they are planning to publish.

Events & activations

Not only do we wait for the right news, but we also create the news ourselves. By organizing events and newsworthy activations, we make sure the press has something to write about.

Media advice

Because we build strong relationships with the media and influencers, we can usually get more things done. We make sure to target the right media, and provide them with the right information to get your message to your target audience.

Crisis communication

In case of crises, we know how to act accordingly, because every moment matters. Online and social media don’t wait for your reaction and is harmful for your public image.

‘’Great stories need to be shared”

Miriam van Dijk, Account Lead


‘TheDropStore’ – products of a world in water crisis. A disturbing message that calls for global action.


Head and neck cancer is in the top 10 of the most common cancers in the Netherlands.

Highland Park BBQ
Highland Park BBQ

For Highland Park Whisky, Dutch chef Freek van Noortwijk went on a journey in the Dutch wilderness.