‘TheDropStore’ – products of a world in water crisis

A disturbing message that calls for global action

Drought, flooding and scarcity of clean drinking water may seem a distant problem for some of us, but for half the world’s population – 3.6 billion people – it is the daily reality. And if we don’t act now, a water crisis might impact us earlier than expected. While many people are unaware of the long-term effects of a water crisis, the issue ultimately affects us all. If nothing is done, too much water, too little water and too dirty water can and will drastically change access to essential products, their form, availability, prices and even composition.

To give consumers a glimpse of how a water crisis will affect their daily lives, we launched a webshop ‘TheDropStore’, during the UN Water Conference in New York. We strive to create awareness about possible water disasters and to motivate people to act now. ‘TheDropStore’ maps products like, soda, pizza pills, pure water, rice, and cheese.

We hope to prevent ‘TheDropStore’ from becoming a reality one day and show the importance of working together. Worldwide attention to preserve every drop of water for everyone, everywhere, and everything is crucial.