Awareness is everything

Head and neck cancer is in the top 10 of the most common cancers in the Netherlands. Patient association HOOFD-HALS wants to help Dutch people to recognize the symptoms faster and encourage a visit to the doctor. 

Paying attention and being there on time is of vital importance. That’s why we introduced during the Make Sense week: Oplettanol, the first remedy against head and neck cancer. This is a play on the word “Opletten”, which means paying attention in Dutch. The PR campaign was launched in a place where people come with similar complaints: the drugstore. In collaboration with Boots, we introduced this purely informative remedy. The packaging contains a leaflet with information from experts across Europe. With this knowledge, people can spot the symptoms of head and neck cancer faster. 

In the PR, earned media campaign, patients promoted Oplettanol and shared their own story. They could be followed through video portraits, posters/flyers in drugstores, hospitals, pharmacies, general practitioners and social media.