#periodsomnia: How Libresse breaks taboos on having your period

Even in 2023, menstruation is still considered a taboo topic. Lot’s of commercials on female+ hygiene products paint an unrealistic picture of the period cycle. Libresse challenges category norms by showing the brutally honest truth: having your period is inconvenient and for a lot of women+ very problematic. Having your period seriously impacts your sleep cycle, causing temporary insomnia: 56% of Dutch women says having their period negatively impacts their sleep: periodsomnia. That is why Mid 2022 Libresse launched a product line called Goodnight, helping women+ to get a good night of sleep, even during their period.

Since Netherlands most popular glossy Linda also breaks taboos and shows the world in a realistic way, we decided to join forces to start a public debate on this taboo topic. The ultimate goal was to spark conversation and empower women+ to tackle the issue of periodsomnia togehter. We develop a video first native content format titled ‘Lay awake with…’ in which four authentic role models discussed the impact their period has on their sleep. Sioe Jeng Tsao for example, worries at night about her roots and sexual preference. And Lieke Smets confesses that she is wideawake during her period-nights. The campaign mixed on & offline channels, focusing on formats that allow for engagement with our core audience women+ 18-49.


We succeeded in breaking the taboo on period-somnia; With a balanced mix of paid, owned & earned media, we reached 82% of the target audience. And our highly engaging content truly sparked conversation: with 193.000 interactions (comments, likes, shared) we outperformed our engagement rate benchmark by 55%. And last but not least, our approach had a very positive impact on the Libresse brand: The campaign drove a 30% uplift in purchase intent of our new Goodnight product line.