Into the woods with Freek van Noortwijk!

For Highland Park Whisky, Dutch chef Freek van Noortwijk went on a journey in the Dutch wilderness. Together with wilderness expert Edwin Flores he picked wild treasures for a Wild Winter BBQ Menu. These ingredients perfectly complement the harmonious taste of the single malt whisky from Highland Park. Curious about their journey? Check the video for a visual summary!

Highland Park Whisky is made in one of the most remote places in Scotland; Orkney Island

An island surrounded by salty sea, where there are extremely hard winds and without any trees. By letting these elements work together instead of against each other, thus creating harmony, Highland Park has succeeded in making one of the most balanced whiskies in the world.

This winter Highland Park brings ‘A Wild Harmony’ to the Netherlands by an exploration through the pristine Veluwe wilderness. Chef Freek van Noortwijk, known from restaurants BREDA and Maris Piper among others, came across special ingredients that inspired him to develop delicious recipes for a Highland Park Wild Winter BBQ. Accompanied by wilderness expert Edwin Flores, Van Noortwijk found different types of mushrooms, yarrow, bird vetch, birdwort, Douglas fir needles and carrot seeds. Flavors that go perfectly with Highland Park Single Malt Whisky and form the basis for the Wild Winter BBQ menu.