Driving topline growth for our clients

Our ultimate goal is to drive topline growth for our clients, be it in awareness, sales, market share or whatever business KPI is relevant to drive your business forward. In order to do so, our multi-disciplinary strategists function as orchestrators of growth.

Our strategic and tactical choices are always rooted in data. But all this data has no value without a human touch. That why every strategic process starts with a human observation. Then we use data to validate our initial thinking. Ultimately this leads to strategic implications that build our strategy.

Data based brand, consumer & catagory insights

Our set of quantitative Dutch panel databases fuels deep understanding of consumer behaviour. Using our set of qualitative research tools allows us to take a deep dive into specific territories, pre-test concepts and have 1-on-1 conversations with consumers.
Supplemented with real time data on category and brand, this gives our strategist the perfect handles to build an effective strategic framework.

Publicis Culture Vault

Our unique approach to mining cultural insights is called The Publicis Culture Vault. We highlighting the invisible cultural forces that drive change in the lives, perceptions, and choices of consumers of today and tomorrow. A combination of always on observation tools and one-on-one validation tools allow us to have the finger on the pulse of the cultural heartbeat of The Netherlands and beyond.

Science solutions

We have an in-house expert hub with behavioral scientist that apply behavioral science in our thinking, way of working & campaigns to create effective work that truly activates people.

“Using data, science and culture, our strategists work seamlessly across the entire customer journey, determining the right strategy to co-create sustainable value for our clients”

Daan van Kuijeren – Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis Groupe NL